Panda Flour® Fathead Dough

Nutritional information for the whole recipe, to divide into the number of portions you make:

2628 kj / 632 kCal // Protein: 41g // Carbohydrate: 3.8g (of which total sugar: 3.1g) // Fat: 46g (of which saturates: 30g) // Fibre: 17.7g // Salt: 2.2g (Sodium: 852.7mg)

Dividing into 2 pizza bases - each pizza base contains:

1314 kj / 315 kCal // Protein: 20.7g // Carbohydrate: 1.9g (of which total sugar: 1.6g) // Fat: 23.2g (of which saturates: 14.8g) // Fibre: 8.9g // Salt: 1.1g (Sodium: 426.4mg)

Panda Flour® Fathead Dough
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