Introducing: The Panda Pantry Co.

Hello you wonderful people.

We'd like to let you know of some changes we've made.
The biggest one, which you may have already noticed, is that we are no longer selling our fresh products on our website. If you're a regular customer of our breads, wraps & cakes, please don't panic - our rolls, wraps and roti are still available over on the Deliciously Guilt Free website. The DGF team have kindly created an offer for our customers who will be moving over to their website - click here for more details. They also have a wonderful selection of keto & gluten free baked goods & chocolate!
We're making this change to enable us to get fresh products (like our Panda Flour® Cakes & Flatbreads) and our staple Panda Flour® made on a larger scale. We'll keep you updated whenever a Panda product is launched, whether that be on specialist online retailers, or in a high-street health shop!
Next up: we're doubling down on Panda Flour® and Panda Flour® Baking Mixes. We'll have more time to create Panda Flour® recipes, and (surprise!) there's a Panda Flour® cookbook in the works too. You can find all of our Panda Flour® recipes here. We've also launched a new Panda Flour® Baking Mix bundle, where you can sample some flavours before committing to a full bag! Scroll to the bottom of this email to see the new bundle.
As our product range has streamlined, we've adjusted the pricing. The prices of individual items have gone up - but shipping is now FREE on ALL ORDERS. This means that for the majority of orders, the total price will decrease. For example, a 300g bag of Panda Flour® used to be £8.75 plus £4.50 shipping; and now it's just £9.99 total.
And finally, a little re-brand which you may have noticed sneaking in over the past few months... say goodbye to Ketoroma, and hello to The Panda Pantry Co! Our website address is now:
We know these changes will cause some disappointment, but it's yet another big leap we need to make to get the Panda range produced on a wider scale.
As always, thank you for your support and understanding.
The Panda Pantry Co.
Introducing: The Panda Pantry Co.
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